Investing In Real Estate To Create Passive Income Streams Is One Of The Most Common Ways That People Become Wealthy.

Eagle Mountain Capital Partners Helps Make It Happen!

Here at Eagle Mountain Capital Partners, we provide opportunities to generate truly passive income so that our partners get secure and consistent returns.  We are a privately held, value-focused, real estate investment company based in Centennial, CO.  We focus on finding undervalued multi-family, single-family, and commercial investment properties in states with emerging and re-emerging markets around the U.S. including Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, California, Washington, and Oklahoma.  We acquire these types of properties through debt, equity, and private or public markets. We then reposition these assets from underperforming to cash-flowing properties that provide great returns for our portfolio and our partners.

Eagle Mountain Capital Partners seeks assets where values have been temporarily discounted due to supply or demand imbalances in real estate capital, space, or information markets or where values can be significantly enhanced through redevelopment and repositioning of the asset aligned with top-notch management teams.

As value investors, we follow three important principles:

  • We focus on cycles to minimize capital competition and create efficient, after-tax value in real estate through hold periods that play heavily into local and national cycles
  • We are research-driven and concentrate on information advantages, which enable us to play into inefficiencies between markets
  • We focus exclusively on buying properties in emerging and re-emerging markets with unique, sustainable competitive advantages as identified by our proprietary models

Although Eagle Mountain Capital Partners has deep roots and expertise in the Denver area, its proprietary models and investment history give it expertise in many other markets that fit its criteria, including Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and New England. Eagle Mountain Capital Partners also continues to closely monitor developments in Nicaragua.

This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in Eagle Mountain Properties is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

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